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Sparta: War of Empires bringing historic MMORTS fighting to Facebook today


Sparta: War of Empires launched today, bringing historic Spartan fighting to Facebook.

The massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game from developer Plarium puts players in fifth century B.C. Greece, in the middle of a war between Xerxes and the Persian Empire. Players need to protect their city-state with the help of King Leonidas and the Spartan army using a combination of diplomacy, strategy and war.

"We have enhanced the quality of this launch with incredibly detailed graphics and special attention to historical references," said Plarium CEO Avi Shalel. "The 3D graphics alone are awe-inspiring, although we have gone further and enhanced the audio quality as well. Most importantly, the gameplay and processes required for enhanced MMO strategic warfare have been enhanced so that players have a faster, more active and, in the end, more challenging experience."

Plarium plans regular updates that will include new content like characters, maps and missions. Press play above to watch a cinematic trailer for Sparta: War of Empires. You can play the game now on Facebook.

Last year, the Israeli developer released Soldiers, Inc. on Facebook, an RTS inspired by the real world, and Total Domination: Reborn an iOS version of its browser-based RTS.

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