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CounterSpy is headed to PS4 this summer


CounterSpy is headed to PlayStation 4 this summer, according to a post today on the European PlayStation Blog.

"We have been excitedly opening up the hood of our new PlayStation 4 dev kits," creative director David Nottingham wrote. "I think the extra power of PlayStation 4 is going to open up some really nice possibilities for us. At the same time, we remain super committed to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita platforms (the game is looking great on both those platforms) as well as mobile."

Developer Dynamighty — a studio of LucasArts and Pixar veterans — showed Polygon the espionage-fueled platformer with procedurally generated levels last year. All versions of CounterSpy will interact with its mobile counterpart.

"One of the features that we think you will like with the mobile version, is the ability to link it with the PS4, PS3 or PS Vita version to share progress across all devices," Nottingham wrote. "Certain intelligence that you gather gets shared across the devices, so that for example, you can unlock weapons on your console that are then available on your mobile device."

Press play above for a CounterSpy overview and some new gameplay footage. For more on the studio and the Cold War influences behind the game, be sure to read our interview with the developers.

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