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Towerfall Ascension - Overview video

Towerfall Ascension is a difficult game to make unenjoyable.

Believe me — in today's Overview of the recently released arrow-shooter, we try our darndest to corrupt the experience using the multiplayer mode's catalog of variables. Drill arrows, super dashes and exploding corpses? Still super fun. Super bomb arrows, auto-lava, and big head mode? Admittedly less fun than the latter set, but still awfully fun. Towerfall Ascension is the closest to pizza that any game developer's ever created — no matter what assortment of toppings you put on it, you're still eating pizza.

In this Overview, Russ Frushtick and I go over the different dressings and stuffings one can layer onto the multiplayer experience of Towerfall Ascension. I also reveal my dark, obsessive history with the game's Trials mode, for which I will pay you money out of my wallet for Pro-Tips.

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