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Final Fantasy Type-0 fan-made localization launches Aug 8

A well-known fan-made localization of role-playing game Final Fantasy Type-0 — unreleased outside of Japan — will launch on Aug. 8, project organizers have announced.

According to a post by project lead "Sky," the translation patch is completely playable in English but there is additional polish needed in some areas, specifically NPC dialogue. He noted the actual completion date of the patch is dependent on the team's work, but at the absolute latest they will be able to get it in August.

"Then there are many people who think an official localization would kill all our work," Sky added. "That's not true; at this point, an official localization would mostly help reach our objective, which is to bring this game to all Final Fantasy fans. In fact, the E3 would have ended by August, so maybe there are good news for everyone."

Final Fantasy Type-0, originally named Final Fantasy Agito 13, was announced at E3 2006 alongside Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy Versus 13 (now Final Fantasy 15) as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis series of games. The title was released in Japan only for PlayStation Portable in 2011 and has never been announced for localization outside of the territory.

Polygon spoke with a number of Japanese game translators and localization experts about bringing these games to the West — read more about the lengthy process and why some games are never localized in our report.

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