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Platoons for Battlefield 4 now live for all players

All Battlefield 4 players now have the ability to create Platoons, a social feature allows groups of up to 100 users to communicate through feeds and track stats, according to a post today on the Battlefield blog.

Arriving as part of Player Appreciation Month, an initiative from EA DICE to make up for the game's shaky launch, Battlefield 4's new feature began rolling out to Premium members from Feb. 27. Battlefield 4 players across all platforms are free to join Platoons created on other platforms and Platoon members can communicate via public and private feeds.

Platoons lets players view match history and create customizable emblems along with the ability to track overall Platoon stats such as kill/death ratio, score per minute and skill. The feature also includes a new progression and stat-tracking system where four players need to play together in the same Battlefield 4 round in order to rank up. Ten ranks will be available at launch. Details of how to create a Platoon is outlined on the Battlefield blog.

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