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Former God of War 3 developers unveil first indie release Viking Ghost

In the wake of large-scale layoffs at Sony studio Superbot, members of the team behind PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and God of War 3 have come together to form a new Los Angeles-based indie company to develop their first independent title Viking Ghost.

Game studio Dead Alien Cult began as a side-project for developers Andrew Marquis and John Lawrence prior to these layoffs, before becoming official following the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in 2013.

The studio's debut game Viking Ghost came following early development on a third-person multiplayer shooter that was put on hold to focus on something smaller in scope. The upcoming title focuses on procedurally generated maps, while combining the classic arcade genre with adventure game styled gameplay.

"The idea for Viking Ghost came after many beers, a love for heavy metal, and deciding to randomly combine the words viking and ghost together because we thought it just felt cool," reads a statement from the developer.

Viking Ghost is in development for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The game is also currently on Steam Greenlight.

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