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TowerFall creator: Sony was 'super proactive' in bringing about PS4 version

TowerFall, the critically acclaimed multiplayer arena combat game by Matt Thorson, exists on PlayStation 4 because PlayStation officials were "super proactive" about making it happen, said Thorson in an interview with the PlayStation Blog.

Thorson originally released TowerFall as an exclusive Ouya title for the console's retail launch last June, and he told the PlayStation Blog that the game "did really well on Ouya." When Thorson began looking to expand TowerFall and bring it to other platforms, Sony stepped up.

"We continued working on it because there was a lot of stuff we still wanted to add, and PlayStation was super proactive in helping me figure out how to bring the game to PS4. It felt like the natural next step for TowerFall," said Thorson.

The PS4 version of the game, TowerFall Ascension, is also available on Windows PC; it launched on both platforms earlier this week. Ascension features new content over the Ouya original, such as a co-op Quest mode. Dallas-based Sickhead Games handled "the majority of the work" for the PS4 port, according to Thorson.

"DualShock 4 quickly became my favorite controller to play the game with," he added. "The D-pad is perfect for TowerFall." The developers also utilized the speaker on the controller to convey sounds that you don't want to hear while playing the game: the audio cues for death and for being out of arrows.

You can see TowerFall in action in our Overview video below.

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