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Ouya showing new titles at GDC

It's been nine months since the full launch of low-cost games console Ouya. And even though the digital-only device has faced its share of challenges, it's still rolling out exclusive new games from development partners.

Game Developer Conference in San Francisco next week offers Ouya an opportunity to showcase a slew of new games including local multiplayer titles, widely regarded as a particular strength of the console, following its shepherding of the much admired Towerfall.

Toto Temple Deluxe from Knightmare Tower-maker Juicy Beast is a 2D platforming local multiplayer game in which up to four players must hold on to a goat for as long as possible, while their friends jump and dash around trying to knock it out of their hands.

Landon Podbielski's Duck Game continues the animal theme in this local multiplayer arena deathmatch title. Cascade is made by the creators of Amazing Frog and was created to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease. A first demo of the game, due for release later this year, is at GDC.

There's a return to the Cold War in Reagan Gorbachev from Team2Bit, a side-scrolling beat em up and puzzle-solving adventure. U.S. president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhael Gorbachev must work together and fight against troublesome ninjas.

Whispering Willows (main image) from Night Light Interactive is a horror game in which players switch from human to spirit form to solve puzzles. A full list of GDC games is available on Ouya's website.

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