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Fan remake gives Super Mario 64 a fresh look

YouTube user aryoksini, also known as Aryok Piñera, is working on a Super Mario 64 remake that tweaks gameplay mechanics and gives Mario an HD upgrade.

Mario's character model is pulled from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, while the remake runs using the Blender Game Engine. In the video above, Piñera shows off a few of the remake's features, which have been updated since his initial video last month. Mario's turning animations are improved and he now has the ability to perform both long jumps and wall jumps.

According to Piñera's Twitch channel, he is a "big fan of Super Mario 64, [and] that's why I'm remaking the game." The developer is currently working on Mario's dive. Future animation updates include Mario's punch, crawl and ground pound. Included in Piñera's short-term goals are working physics, enemy and coins systems and working doors. Other "crazy ideas," which might not be made, include Oculus Rift support, portals and online multiplayer.

For more on the Super Mario 64 remake, check out Piñera's Twitch and YouTube channels.

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