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How Daniels Wood Land created a life-sized Titanfall figure

The life-sized Titans crafted by design company Daniels Wood Land required modeling off Titanfall's artwork and a lot of foam, metal and manpower, SlashGear reports.

Respawn Entertainment is currently celebrating the launch of first-person shooter Titanfall with a Titan-filled tour of Germany. The life-sized Titan, affectionately known as "Betty," is slated to visit Berlin, Hamburg, Köln and Stuttgart this month.

Speaking with SlashGear, Daniels Wood Land theming designer CJ Berg explained that drafts for Betty were pulled from the game's official artwork and brought to life with a steel framework. After the frame was in place, Titan builders were able to fill the figure out with foam.

"These pieces were then hard coated and sent to paint," Berg told SlashGear. "The whole process from start to finish was four weeks, and it wasn't until the very end we were able to get the whole statue assembled together."

Once completed, each Titan stands about two stories tall. Respawn artists such as Joel Emslie also helped contribute to a Titan's final look to ensure accuracy and realism. Check out more photos over at SlashGear.

Titanfall is available now for Windows PC and Xbox One; the Xbox 360 edition launches March 25. Following its partnership with Respawn Entertainment, K'Nex recently announced pricing and models for the upcoming building sets.

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