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Road Not Taken's changing environments will warn of dangers to come

Spry Fox's upcoming puzzle-oriented, procedurally generated game, Road Not Taken, will use the game's changing environment to clue players in to when something new, important or dangerous is happening, CEO David Edery announced via the PlayStation Blog.

According to Edery, the game's peaceful glades will transition into "blizzard-ravaged woods, haunted groves, and dangerous ice caverns" as players progress.

"The changing terrain is both a marker of your progress as well as a warning of new challenges to come," Edery said.

Despite its procedurally generated content, Road Not Taken will also incorporate intentional encounters to act as "specialized, memorable moments," or setpieces. The game will feature a variety of setpiece encounters ranging from standard boss fights to those that require you to protect your companions.

"In Road Not Taken, pretty much all of the setpieces that we've recently created are hand-crafted puzzles that demand careful planning if you want to solve them efficiently (And remember, in this game, inefficiency equals death!)," Edery said. "They aren't completely non-random puzzles, since that would limit their replay value, but they're non-random enough to be very distinctive."

Check out the game's puzzles in the video above.

Originally announced in May 2013, Road Not Taken is being developed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC via Steam. For more on the game, read our interview with Edery.

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