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Fallout: New Vegas mod adds the Enclave as a playable faction

Modders Otellino, CNC and company have created content that allows Fallout: New Vegas players to join the Enclave faction and engage with fully voice-acted characters, side-quests and a storyline.

Available through NexusMods, The Enclave includes a five-part series main quest, four side-quests, a potential companion, random encounters, a radio station and more. Players must be at least level 15 and have interacted with Benny from the game's main questline to access the additional content.

"After the numerous defeats across all remaining fronts, the Enclave has splintered into their own factions with their own ideologies," the mod's description reads. "Two factions are about to go head to head in the Mojave Wasteland, and General Jamison is turning to the Courier for help. Will he join the Enclave, or leave them to their fate?"

The mod is incompatible with those that edit Searchlight Airfield and requires players to have the latest version of Fallout: New Vegas on Steam. "Illegitimate" versions of the game are not supported.

More information on the mod and downloadable files are available via NexusMods.

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