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Capcom unveils Decapre as Ultra Street Fighter 4's fifth and final fighter

The mysterious fifth fighter added to the roster of upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4 is Decapre, Capcom finally announced during the Final Round 17 event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Decapre is one of M.Bison's Dolls, girls captured by Shadaloo and brainwashed to be assassins and bodyguards for M.Bison. Playable Dolls featured in past Street Fighter titles include Juni, Juli and ex-Doll Cammy. Making her Street Fighter game debut, the Russian Decapre uses retractable blades on both hands in hand-to-hand combat, touts "quick and elusive scramble moves" and psycho power infused attacks that allow her to share her pain with her opponents. Watch the trailer above for a glimpse of her moves.

First revealed at the Evo 2013 fighting game championships, Ultra Street Fighter 4 features balance tweaks to current characters and adds five new fighters to the roster, including new Hugo, Poison, Rolento and Elena. Strategies and signature moves for the four new characters were previously outlined on the Capcom Unity blog.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 introduces new features such as the Edition Select Mode, where players can choose their favorite version of any fighter featuring their original balance from past Street Fighter 4 games. The title also includes YouTube integration, allowing players to select clips from their online matches battle log and upload them in low or high quality directly to their YouTube channel.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will launch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in June, with a Windows PC version following in August. Players can purchase the title as a standalone for $39.99 on consoles and $29.99 on Windows PC, while owners of Super Street Fighter 4 can upgrade to Ultra for $14.99.

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