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Sins of a Dark Age hits Early Access

Ironclad Games' fantasy role-playing and MOBA hybrid, Sins of a Dark Age, is now available through Steam's Early Access for $4.99.

Those who purchase Early Access receive a Welcome Chest containing one of three bundles, The Berserk, Merciless Bundle or the Resolute. Each bundle consists of two rare skins, an uncommon piece of Hero Gear, two uncommon materials and two common materials.

While Sins of a Dark Age will launch as a Steam Free to Play game, Ironclad Games gated the Early Access to limit the load on servers, provide a solid new user experience and to help ensure dedicated testers.

For more on the game, check out a trailer where director Blair Fraser highlights the game's strategies and how Sins of a Dark Age bends the MOBA genre through components like Realm Quests. Previously, The Founder Edition package was available for pre-order starting at $25 and offered bonuses like beta access, exclusive hero skins, player icons and crowns.

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