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Red Goddess brings the mind of a god to Kickstarter and Steam

A Kickstarter campaign for Red Goddess is live and looking to raise $50,000 for Yanim Studio's "psychological adventure game," which was recently accepted into Steam Greenlight.

The Mac and Windows PC game includes non-linear gameplay in the Metroidvania fashion with three playable characters, each with its own skills and abilities. The game is set on a "mysterious Planet led by the subconscious of the main character," a goddess named Divine. The the setting serves as a character players will interact with.

Each character's personality has two sides: fear and rage. Players choose one, while the other "appears as a ball" that can help players fight enemies or access new areas. Red Goddess also allows players to enter enemies' minds to access secret areas and puzzles as well as discover loot.

Check out the trailer above to see the game in action and the gallery below for a closer look. As of this writing, Yanim has raised $5,476 of its $50,000 goal from 237 backers. There are 23 days remaining in the campaign. Pledges of $10 will secure a copy of the Mac and Windows PC game at its estimated January 2015 release.

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