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Angry Birds Epic gameplay trailer shows off RPG-style weapon crafting and combat system

Rovio Entertainment has released a gameplay trailer for the latest game in the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Epic, showing off the role-playing game influenced campaign.

Angry Birds Epic, which veers away from the series' usual gameplay style, features turn-based combat, a story-based campaign and a crafting system for weapons, armor and potions.

The game was first teased at the start of the month following a short trailer showing only a knight's suit of armor and a description that called it "Perhaps the most Epic soft launch ever - whatever that means!?"

Angry Birds Epic launches in Canada, Australia and New Zealand today on iOS systems. The game will see a wider release at a later date.

The title expands on the franchise that began on iOS in 2009, and has since migrated to multiple mobile platforms, consoles, handhelds, cartoons with Angry Birds Toons and theaters with the 2016 Angry Birds movie. In mid-February, Rovio announced Angry Birds Stella, a video game spin-off starring the titular pink bird and her friends.