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Nom Nom Galaxy - Overview video

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Describing Nom Nom Galaxy is a linguistic challenge the likes of which I have never faced.

Let's give it a shot: Nom Nom Galaxy is a 2D world-exploring business simulator with base-building, tower-defending, plant-gardening and soup-crafting elements. There are worker robots, pogo sticks, sentient corn, hover tubes and stew delivery rockets. Floppy disks buried in the ground give you energy to research and craft a hoverboard. Do you understand, yet? Do you fully grasp the indescribability?

Perhaps witnessing Nom Nom Galaxy in motion in today's Overview will help. In this video, Justin and I try to build up our subterranean soup empire, using a series of pipes, vines and catchy jingles. Our manufacturing pipeline may leave something to be desired, but our potential for brand recognition is through the roof.