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N++ gameplay: Polygon Live at GDC

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Iteration gets a bad rap.

A few years ago, I noticed annual franchises lost their coolness amongst people who play gobs of games. Of course, annual games were never outright praised for their regularity, but the idea of say Call of Duty or Madden reappearing time and again scanned cynical and money-grubbing.

But recently, I often hear a counterpoint to that opinion coming from indie game developers. The N series is a perfect example, with N++ representing the progress that can be made by improving upon an original game time and again.

And that notion of gradual improvement goes beyond features layered upon features. The N series is notoriously difficult. By assuming a portion of players are already experts, the developers have the opportunity to continue spiking the challenge.

For this episode of Polygon Live, Frushtick learns about how that difficulty ties into a new cooperative mode.