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Luftrausers - Overview video

Luftrausers does to flying what Ridiculous Fishing did to fishing: It fixes it.

It's an arcade-y return to form for developer Vlambeer, and a welcome one at that. Games won't last you much longer than a few minutes in Luftrausers — making it perhaps conceptually a better fit on Vita than on PC — giving you just enough time to rack up a huge combo, complete a couple missions, unlock a new jet engine and then totally munch it in the crossfire of two battleships. Like Super Crate Box before it, it's a completely relentless loop.

In today's Overview, Justin and I take to the skies, and then accidentally to the ocean, in the PC version of Luftrausers. I discover how to create the slowest plane imaginable, which ends up being the aeronautical equivalent of a penguin with a box fan taped to its tail.

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