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Doki-Doki Universe DLC drop includes new quiz questions, planets

Doki-Doki Universe developer HumaNature Studios is releasing downloadable content today for the kooky puzzle adventure game, including dozens of new quiz questions and two new story planets.

The planets, PIG PIG and ARCTIC 7, include summonable items and planet decorations along with additional story content. Also available is the Deluxe Quiz Pack, which features 12 new asteroids with a total of 48 quiz questions. The quiz add-on also brings in a new way to play Doki-Doki Universe: Quiz Party Mode, which allows a group of up to eight people to take the game's personality quiz together. You'll compete to see who knows each other the best, and find out how similar you are to each other.

In addition, the PlayStation Store will offer three sets of animated Dekos: the Romance Pack, Daily Life Relationship Pack and Vacation Time Holiday Pack. Each one contains 25 new Dekos, while the existing set in the game has been updated with 30 new ones for free. And now, when you visit your friends' planets in Doki-Doki Universe, you'll be able to see how compatible your personalities are, and leave a "ghost" of yourself on the planet as a marker to say you dropped by.

Doki-Doki Universe was released in December on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. For more, check out our full review.

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