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Project Spark enters open beta on Xbox One

Project Spark is now in open beta on the Xbox One, developer Team Dakota announced today, allowing all Xbox One owners to join the testing phase without requiring a beta code.

Those interested in participating can install the game directly from the Xbox One store and the game will launch once the installation process is complete. The game-creation title entered closed beta on the Xbox One in February and is currently in closed beta on Windows PC.

Project Spark players can choose to use the Xbox One's Kinect voice capabilities and Microsoft's SmartGlass to issue commands and manipulate the world. Users can also program the behaviours of in-game objects and create different types terrain, be it rivers, grasslands, waterfalls and mountains. Beta users have so far created games based around board games, real-time strategy, action and adventure, as demonstrated in a previously released video.

Announced for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 during E3 2013, a full Project Spark release is expected later this year. It will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play for free when it rolls out to the three platforms. For more about Project Spark read our interview with Microsoft Studios manager Saxs Persson, where he discussed how playtesters broke any expectations the team had for how people would use it.

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