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Watch Epic's just-released Unreal Engine 4 in action

Epic Games released a series of videos today showing off Unreal Engine 4, its just-released graphics engine.

Press play above for a five-minute trailer that highlights the bullet point features of Unreal Engine 4. You'll see rendered examples of full scene HDR reflections and the engine's ability to put thousands of dynamics lights into each scene. In-program features like surface editors and cascade effects that can turn fire from orange to purple are also on display.

Epic revealed Unreal Engine 4's business model earlier today alongside its release. Developers get "access to everything" with a $19 monthly subscription. Epic will also collect a flat, 5 percent royalty fee on UE4 games.

Head over to the official Unreal Engine YouTube page to see dozens of tutorial videos that cover everything from editing a character to adding doors and windows and an introduction to programming.

CEO and founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, said that the new business model is a reflection of changes in the industry.

"Looking at the new shape of the industry now, we realize that's an outdated tool," Sweeney said. "Looking at the possibilities for the engine, we started from scratch and thought 'How can we make the engine available to more people?'"

You can also see Sweeney speak about Unreal Engine and its decades-long development in the video below.

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