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See Grand Theft Auto 4's Liberty City in brilliant black and white

The image above isn't a black-and-white photo of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan — it's an image from Liberty City in 2008's Grand Theft Auto 4, as captured by Dead End Thrills.

Dead End Thrills shows off the beauty of video game worlds by taking pictures of them with special techniques, such as running games at very high resolutions, using mods and implementing unique visual filters. The site hosts an older set of Grand Theft Auto 4 screenshots in color, but this time around, Dead End Thrills posted the "Walkabout Series" in monochrome. For this particular group, the game was rendered at a resolution of 6K.

Liberty City is resplendent in grayscale in dozens of images, from Algonquin (Manhattan) to Broker (Brooklyn) to Dukes (Queens) to Bohan (the Bronx) to Alderney (New Jersey). Check out all the screenshots on Dead End Thrills.

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