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UK indie studio Remode closes, co-founders to work on own IP (update)

Remode, an independent studio based in Plymouth, U.K., will close down this month, the company announced on its website last week.

The studio's co-founders, Martin Darby and Ella Romanos, started the company in 2007, with a plan to support the development of their original intellectual property by performing contract work. Remode developed mobile and web-based titles for clients such as Arkadium, GameHouse and Merge Games, including the iOS and Android title My Veg Plot (screenshot above). But now, Darby and Romanos are breaking away to focus on making original games.

"We sought to build a work-for-hire platform with the ultimate goal of developing our own IP and seven years in we're incredibly proud of what we have achieved," said the duo. "However, making our own games remains our goal, so we have made the decision to close down Remode as a work-for-hire studio and focus on developing new ways to raise resources for IP projects."

Romanos and Darby added that they will reveal plans for those original titles soon. It's unclear how many individuals are losing their jobs as a result of Remode's closure, but photos on the about page of the studio's website feature 14 to 15 people. We've reached out to Remode for more details, and will update this article with any information we receive.

Update: Romanos confirmed in an email to Polygon that 14 people are being put out of work by Remode's closure.

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