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Here's a good alternate use for an old Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox 360 is now more than eight years old, so even if you're still using yours, you might have a controller or two that doesn't work anymore. Instructables community manager Mike Warren came up with a neat alternate use for those non-functional peripherals: a dog leash.

Warren's eight-step guide isn't a difficult procedure, but it does require the use of some specialized tools, such as a rotary tool like a Dremel. He popped open the controller, then removed the vibration motors and cut away or filed down other internals, with the goal being to make room for a small dispenser of poop bags. Finally, he inserted a parachute cord to serve as the leash, and attached it to his dog's collar with a carabiner.

"You'll have waste bags when you need them conveniently tucked inside the controller, and if things get out of control you can always push the 'paws' button," said Warren.

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