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Obsidian Entertainment unveils tank-centric tactical military MMO Armored Warfare

Obsidian Entertainment will launch a new "free-to-compete" massively multiplayer online tactical military video game called Armored Warfare, according to its debut trailer shown during the 14th annual Game Developers Choice Awards tonight.

The modern military MMO features dynamic destructible environments and puts players in control "of some of the most incredible, modern destructive machines to grace a battlefield." The tactical military video game offers players the opportunity to participate in battles across co-op campaigns and team-based matches as private military contractors

Players will have the ability to hop into the cockpit of a range machines including armored general purpose combat vehicles, modern main battle tanks and long-range high-powered artillery. Through a levelling system, users can customize their headquarters, train crews and upgrade and conduct maintenance on their military convoy of vehicles.

"Armored Warfare gives players two deep levels of upgrading and progression through a huge array of both military vehicles and their own personal military base, each giving players a diverse and wide-ranging path of strategies," project director Richard Taylor said in a prepared statement.

Interested parties can register to participate in the upcoming title's closed beta, slated this year for Windows PC, via the official website. Armored Warfare will be published by Russian and uses Crytek's game engine CryEngine. You can get a taste of the MMO's action in its announcement trailer below.

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