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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike hits Battlefield Premium members March 25

Battlefield 4's third downloadable expansion, Naval Strike, will launch March 25 for Battlefield Premium members, Electronic Arts announced.

Naval Strike features dynamic weather patterns, four nautical-themed maps and a new game mode. The expansion will also introduce a new vehicle, the two-seater ACV hovercraft, allowing players to travel on water and across land.

The four maps include Operation Mortar, a former vacation island featuring a an ancient mountaintop fort with pirate-era cannons. The Lost Islands map consists of closely grouped islands. The close-range Wave Breaker map is set on a submarine base and Nansha Strike is set on a vehicle-heavy industrialized island.

The new Carrier Assault mode, a homage to the Titan mode of Battlefield 2142, is a two-stage battle set in the South China Sea. The mode entails two opposing teams launching attacks on each others aircraft carriers before they are infiltrated and destroyed. The battle begins with a war with sea, land and air vehicles, which then evolves into an infantry-focused fight inside the carriers.

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