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Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition brings two giant DLC expansions to PS4

The Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition bundle is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4 for $14.99, developer Curve Studio announced.

Ultimate Edition bundles two DLC expansion packs The Lost Clones and The Teleporter Chambers, alongside the original title. The DLC will add 40 new levels, leaderboards, trophies and more. The developer currently has no plans to port the Ultimate Edition to other systems. Unlike the game's previously released DLC, the game will not be available as a cross-buy title.

The game, which originated as freeware for Windows PC, runs at 60 frames per second and includes 120 levels and nearly twice as many achievements first made available in its original release.

Stealth Inc. was first released in 2012 as Windows PC title Stealth Bastard. The game was renamed for its platform ports, which include Android, iOS, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions.

Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition can be accessed worldwide on the PlayStation Network Store.

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