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FBI accuses Australian man of hacking US-based video game database

A man from Queensland, Australia is accused of hacking an unnamed U.S.-based video game company's database to sell information to players seeking revenge, The Brisbane Times reports.

According to the publication, the charges stem from an investigation involving the FBI and local authorities, who seized files and hardware last November and again this past Wednesday. The accused, who is also alleged to have hacked the company's Twitter account, has been charged with "computer hacking and misuse, fraud, and property offenses," according to the Times.

A separate report says that the 21-year-old hacked a database to sell information. By providing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, one could launch a denial of service (DDoS) attack, which could interrupt a home internet connection.

"What this guy allegedly did was set up his own website where you could purchase or get access to the IP addresses of other players," said Brian Hay, detective superintendent of the Queensland Police's fraud and cybercrime group.

"The idea being that you can facilitate a denial of service attack on opponents and slow down the speed at which they can play the game."

According to Hay, the name of the company will be revealed at a hearing April 8.

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