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Mercenary Ops dev reveals new shooter called Zombies Monsters Robots

Mercenary Ops developer Yingpei Games is set to unleash its spiritual successor with a third-person shooter called Zombie Monster Robots.

The free-to-play shooter is set in a world where humanity is under threat by hordes of creatures from other dimensions after a portal technology inventor teleported them in. Zombie Monster Robots features co-op and competitive modes, more than 60 maps, various enemy types and gear customization. The multiple PvP modes supports up to 16 players and wave-based PvE allows for eight players.

The Unreal Engine 3 game will have an early access phase in the spring and is set to launch 'closer to summer." Players can sign up to participate in the alpha test by registering on the website. Those who sign up have a chance to receive The First Blood pack that comes with exclusive bonus items and early access before the game's launch.

While Delkans published Mercenary Ops, the new title's release will be handled by EnMasse Entertainment. Epic Games announced in mid-2012 that the development studio was no longer part of Epic Games and was renamed YingPei Games from Epic Games China.

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