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Dragon Fin Soup and its alcohol-loving protagonist heading to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Grimm's fairytale-inspired Dragon Fin Soup is headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, according to a post by studio co-founder Ash Monif on the PlayStation blog.

Dragon Fin Soup is a role-playing game with a roguelike twist. It features tactical combat, pets, dual-wielding, swords for hire, procedurally generated weather patterns and earthquakes. Taking on the role of the flawed hero Red Robin, players can also dabble in crafting, fishing, mining, digging and cooking.

"The world of Dragon Fin Soup is inspired by fantasy and fairy tales and is set on Asura, a giant space turtle," Monif wrote. "We are not trying to retell the stories, but we plan to twist and re-imagine these iconic tales. One of the main characters is Red Robin. Though she's inspired by Red Riding Hood, she is quite different than the character you might remember from your childhood. She's cheerful, but she's also a raging alcoholic who makes her living as a bounty hunter and sword for hire."

Grimm Bros. was co-founded a year ago by former-Human Head COO Monif and Randis Albion (AquaNox Angels Tears, League of Legends, Magic The Gathering) to create fairy tale-themed games with a dark twist. To learn more about the studio's upcoming debut title, check out our in-depth hands-on preview and interview with the co-founders.

Grimm Bros. launched a Kickstarter campaign for Dragon Fin Soup earlier month. With 21 days to go, the campaign has already surpassed its initial funding goal of $24,000.

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