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Infamous: Second Son - Overview video

Infamous: Second Son is one of the most empowering games in one of the most empowering franchises in the business.

I think a lot of that power comes from the franchise's lack of reliance on decades-old canon. Sure, there have been plenty of good Spider-Man games, but even the good ones have to be compared against the annals of history — are Spidey's webs thick enough? Is his relationship with Harry Osborn nuanced enough? Apart from the PS3 games that preceded it, Infamous: Second Son has no such history, and can therefore focus all of its attention on more important design pillars, like, say, wanton destruction.

In today's Overview, Phil Kollar and I put Infamous: Second Son's vested protagonist Delsin Rowe through his paces, ruining half of Seattle in the process. It's really not our fault — we can't help that the game's oppressive enemy regime builds all of their structures out of packing tape and K'Nex.

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