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Vertiginous Golf: where dystopian steampunk meets mini-golf

First-person, physics-based exploratory mini-golf game set in an alternate dystopian steampunk universe, Vertiginous Golf, will launch on Linux, Mac and Windows PC later this year, according to developer Kinelco and Lone Elf Creative.

The game takes place in a world that has been ravaged by the industrial revolution, where cities are enveloped in smog and only the wealthy can afford to live on islands elevated above the clouds and darkness. A Tesla-like inventor has created a device that allows commoners to experience these above-the-clouds islands virtually, and offers the city's workers a temporary escape into the sunny Vertiginousphere to play mini-golf.

When transported into the sky, players control a disembodied putter and have to get the ball into a hole at the other end of an often complex obstacle course. The Rube Goldberg Machine-like courses sit atop the clouds, and players will have to chip and putt up ramps, through tunnels, through the air and above helicopters.

Players will have control of a mechanical hummingbird, whose function is to allow them to fly around and see the mini-golf course before they begin putting. Not all courses are linear, and many can be completed in more than way, so by flying around the course, players can see what paths they can take. The game also offers a course editor, which allows for course customization.

The game is a race to the hole and is playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer mode, all players start at the same time, and the player to make it to the hole first in the fewest strokes wins. The winner then returns to the game as a hummingbird who can manipulate the course that everyone else is playing: they can move objects, turn fans on or off, and help or hinder the remaining players.

Vertiginous Golf plans to launch with Oculus Rift support, Steam achievements, both local and online multiplayer and more than 45 holes spanning five courses. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access.