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Burden: A tower defense game built on giants

Burden, a tactical tower defense game that plays out on the bodies of colossi, will be available on Steam Early Access before May, according to developer PixelPickle Games.

The Linux, Mac and Windows PC title tasks players with juggling multiple battle arenas simultaneously to protect the giant beasts. Set in the kingdom of Mhoroa, players have to guide and protect the mythical giant machines as they head to anointed locations to save the land from earthquakes and floods. The player's fellow countrymen react in fear and take up arms to kill the colossi, launching attacks on them, so it is up to the player to set up defenses on the bodies of the colossi.

"It's a tower defense game, but you're placing all your towers and structures on the giants you're trying to defend," said PixelPickle Games founder Rob Dowling. "There are multiple giants and they're all different from each other: some fly, some walk through water, some only walk on land. Your goal as an engineer is to safely escort them from point A to point B."

Players will have to defend the giants from both aerial and land attacks by placing turrets, barriers and other structures on their bodies. Each giant will have a certain number of nodes, each of which serve as individual battle arenas. Players can zoom into these nodes and customize them, adding defenses, building walls and micro-managing their resources. Similarly, they can zoom out and check on the overall well-being of the colossi. The game will let players know if a certain part of the beasts are being attacked so they know where to focus their attention.

Towers will have upgrade trees and attributes, and the resources earned in one level will carry over to the next. While the battle arenas are simple and small, the challenge of Burden lies in having to manage multiple nodes concurrently.

The trailer for the game can be viewed above.

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