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Titanfall's latest patch addresses balance and glitches

Respawn Entertainment continues to pump out balancing and improvements for Titanfall two weeks after the game's launch on PC and Xbox One. A title update arriving this weekend corrects a few exploits and bugs and optimizes gameplay elsewhere.

The server-side update pushed on Friday means, among other things, that pilots won't end up out-of-bounds while "rodeoing" a Titan — that is, climbing aboard and riding it while trying to hit a weak point. A glitch had been responsible for tossing some pilots off the map as the Titan was destroyed.

Balances mean search drones now will show up in the classic modes played on the Angel City map, and the damage indicator from electric smoke is more noticeable. Cluster missile damage has been nerfed against evac drop ships, and hacking a mega turret will also restore its health to full.

For the full list of balances and fixes, see the link.

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