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Amplitude bolstering Dungeon of the Endless with four player co-op, 'visual log'

Tower defense roguelike Dungeon of the Endless will receive four player co-op in the near future, developer Amplitude Studios told Joystiq at the Game Developers Conference.

Lead programmer Sébastien Dubois revealed on the developer's blog last week that work on Dungeon of the Endless' multiplayer had began and will be fully implemented "at some point."

"Nonetheless, it also implies something important: this is a long task that will require a lot of testing, feedback and iterations; meaning that unfortunately, the frequency of public updates will be reduced for a while," he wrote. A card collection game-inspired "visual log" of game events and characters will also be added to the roguelike, the studio told Joystiq.

The game hit Steam Early Access in December and is available in two versions for Windows PC. The $9.74 Pixel Pack (usually $12.99) offers the game, the soundtrack and a community badge. The $14.99 Founder Pack ($19.99) consists of an in-game ship pack, 50 percent off coupons for Amplitude's Endless Space and Endless Space: Disharmony, skins and more.

Be sure to check out our hands-on preview of Amplitude's games from Gamescom 2013 to learn more about the Endless universe.

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