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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games now available on Steam

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, a package of five episodic games based on the cult BBC sci-fi series, is now available on Windows PC and Mac via Steam for $17.99, discounted by 10 percent for a limited time.

Along with Amy Pond, players take on the role of the Eleventh Doctor's companion in all five episodic games: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada, TARDIS, Blood of the Cybermen, City of the Daleks and The Gunpowder Plot. The adventure titles feature stealth and puzzle-solving gameplay and players can collect bonus cards of Doctor Who trivia.

At least one of the series' infamous villains, such as the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Vashta Nerada, make an appearance in each of the Sumo Digital-developed episodes. The family audience-orientated games are suitable for players aged 8 and up, according to the BBC. Individual chapters of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games are free to download for U.K. residents via the official Doctor Who website, where they were initially released in 2010.

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