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Proven Lands studio bringing procedurally generated sci-fi game to Humble Store

Indie studio thesetales confirmed a deal to bring its procedurally generated science fiction game Proven Lands to the Humble Store, the company announced in a statement to Polygon.

The studio is currently in negotiation with "a big publisher and a small publisher" in addition to its plans for Humble.

"We still hope to make it on Kickstarter because it is the best choice for us, obviously. But the feedback of publishers, game devs and our fans is so positive that a Humble store could be our best alternative, not only because the guys behind the Humble are great. Very exciting times. We didn't expect to have such a fan base already," said developer Rafael Wawer.

"I have a very good feeling about what we have achieved within a few months. We barely begun. With the new voxel terrain engine we add more sandbox features to Proven Lands. What do we need it for? For mining, digging, for awesome looking landscapes, for terrain animations (dunes and worms), for rivers, for sand storms, for flying isles and for asteroids (in the orbit, because this is the place where your jumpgate is) - well, actually for many awesome things."

Proven Lands first launched on Kickstarter at the start of March with a funding goal of £299,000 to bring the game to Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows PC. If funded, the game will launch in Q1 of 2015 for Windows, while other releases will follow in Q2. Those interested in supporting the project can back in tiers of £1 to £4,999; rewards include a digital copy of the game, the soundtrack, downloadable content, alpha access and more.

The game has so far received only a fraction of its full goal, with pledges currently resting at £22,689 with 19 days to go; However, the title was quickly greenlit through Steam just days after arriving on the service.

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