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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for Vita joins Instant Game Collection

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PlayStation Vita will close out this month's PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection offerings when it hits the service March 25, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

In Freedom Unite, players will take down massive creatures in typical Monster Hunter style, then loot crafting components from their corpses to bolster weapons for use against even more massive monsters. Players can team up in groups of four in Ad-Hoc multiplayer to take on enemies or hire in-game AI companions, called Felynes, to assist them.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite includes 500 hours of gameplay and more than 1,400 weapons and 2,000 armor sets for players to customize their characters. Players can also transfer any save data from Monster Hunter Freedom 2 into their Freedom Unite game.

As part of the Spring Fever sale, PS Plus members can also pick up Polytron's Fez for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita — as well as a handful of BioShock games and DLC — at discounted prices. The blog post also reminds users that Tomb Raider for PS3 and Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4 will be leaving the Instant Game Collection on April 1.

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