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Battlelog update adds support for Naval Strike DLC, platoon ranks and tweaks play

An update to Battlelog deployed today adds support for Battlefield 4's Naval Strike downloadable content, adds 15 ranks to Platoons and tweaks gameplay, according to a post in the Battlelog forums.

The second-screen and stat tracking service has a new background, a refresh button in multiplayer pages and ups the platoon level cap to 25. Platoons entered Battlefield 4 for all players earlier this month. Fixes in the update make it impossible to equip AA mines alongside rocket launchers, change emblem shapes and colors and more.

You can see Battlelog's second-screen functionality in action in a video released ahead of the game last year. The Naval Strike DLC launched today on consoles for Premium members. Earlier today, EA announced that it's been delayed on Windows PC indefinitely.

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