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Han Solo gets one of the final four tables coming to Star Wars Pinball

Four more tables are coming to the Star Wars Pinball series, Zen Studios announced this morning. They are Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope, Droids, Masters of the Force and Han Solo, whose trailer is above.

That brings to 10 the number of tables in Star Wars Pinball, and closes out its run, which began a year ago. Zen Studios said this pack of four tables, titled "Heroes Within," will be priced the same as the first two packs ($10), both which had only three.

In addition to the trailer, featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca battling their malfunctioning Millennium Falcon, Zen released screenshots for A New Hope and Droids. A New Hope figures to be a smaller playing space, making precision key for shots into the seven-ramp array in the center of the table. Droids, set inside a Jawa sandcrawler, is a bit more open and spreads out the action between its lower and upper levels.

An exact release date was not given. The tables will be available for Zen's pinball platforms on PlayStation 4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Windows PC (via Steam) and Mac OSX, iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon).

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