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Linkin Park's latest video is a Project Spark level

The music video for American rock band Linkin Park's latest single "Guilty All the Same" was made entirely in Team Dakota and Microsoft Studios' creative game maker software Project Spark.

According to a post on Xbox Wire, "Guilty All the Same" is a remixable, interactive music video available as a playable level for those currently participating in the Project Spark beta on Xbox One and Windows 8.1.

Billboard reports that Linkin Park members Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda "want their fans to literally play with their music," this desire being the drive behind the music video. Shinoda in particular was inspired to make the interactive music video after seeing Project Spark's debut at E3 2013.

"Guilty All the Same" players can pick apart the Project Spark level and remix the song and stage using the game's creation tools. Players control a character literally haunted by guilt, navigating him through a dark environment packed with perils in the form of laser lights and blasts. The better players perform, the "richer" the song will sound.

"Mike and I met at art school, and we understand that once you make a piece of art and put it out there, people will interpret it their own way, and even re-interpret it as something else," Hahn said.

"I see this as turn-based," Shinoda added. "We've taken our turn, and now it's up to the fans. Even if it's silly, as long as it makes me laugh, I don't mind what people do with it."

Project Spark is currently in open beta, with no set date for a full release. Check out the video above to see "Guilty All the Same" in action.

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