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The music, trolls and Minecraft cake of the GDC wedding

When Heidi McDonald and Alex McPhearson got married last week at the Game Developers Conference, the developer couple did so amidst a soundtrack of video game music, while successfully avoiding a troll and serving a Minecraft-themed wedding cake, according to a post on McDonald's Facebook page.

The bridal march down the aisle began with a traditional song but soon changed to a "hip-hop re-mix of the Classic Mario music."

"When the bride reached the stage, " McDonald wrote, "she was blocked by a troll. ‘You're trolling me at my wedding?' she asked. ‘That's not very nice.' The troll then explained that he is not an internet troll, and that he believes women DO belong in games. ‘I'm more, the cryptic Monkey Island troll who needs a random object from you before I'll let you pass.' The bride, having no such object, asked the Conference Associates (CA's) for help. A CA quickly delivered a rubber chicken to the stage. 'I knew the CA's would have my back,' said the bride. ‘In fact, I'll bet this was supposed to be attached to a pulley, that UPS didn't deliver on time.' The troll let the bride pass, and she joined the others onstage, giving her bouquet to the ‘Mage of Honor' who had been chosen over Darth Talon by the audience."

During the ceremony, the groom read his vows in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure books, while Sonic the Hedgehog provided the rings. The couple "exited through an archway of inflatable pirate swords to Sir Paul McCartney's song, New, from the movie Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2."

They served their Minecraft cake at the reception.

Be sure to read Polygon's interview with the couple prior to the wedding to learn more about the newly married and how they met at GDC.

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