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Trials Fusion tricks trailer packs in ludicrous stunts

The latest trailer for Trials Fusion, RedLynx's upcoming side-scrolling racing game, demonstrates the game's all-new tricks system, challenge mode and tracks.

The game features futuristic environments, an intentional design choice to make it obvious to players that Fusion is a new game with new environments, modes and obstacles. For more on Trials Fusion and its new challenge mode highlighted in the trailer above, be sure to read our recent interview with the developers.

The title will launch April 16 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and April 24 on Windows PC. Those who pre-order the $19.99 PC game from select retailers will gain access to a closed beta on March 21. The physics-heavy racing game and a mobile installment of the franchise called Trials Frontier was announced last June at E3 2013.

Ubisoft will bring Trials Fusion and other titles like Watch Dogs and The Crew to PAX East next month.

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