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Former Evolution founder announces digital entertainment studio Starship

Martin Kenwright, creator of the MotorStorm franchise and DriveClub developer Evolution Studios, will launch a new digital entertainment studio under the moniker of Starship.

Starship currently houses veteran devs from Evolution and Studio Liverpool; collectively, the team has worked on more than 69 titles, including Wipeout, World Rally Championship and Formula 1. Starship will focus on delivering content internationally centered on e-health, entertainment, games and lifestyle.

Speaking with Polygon during a recent interview, the gamemaker explained how his return is a chance to try something different. Kenwright, who took a five-year hiatus following his departure from Evolution, began to grow bored with retirement. He had no outlet for his creativity, he said.

"I realized that I was uniquely positioned with all this time, energy and resources to do something that no one had done before," Kenwright said, "so I've kind of made it a mission to tackle some sectors until now never seen high in technology.

"I genuinely think we could make a difference."

"We're kind of out to challenge the whole marketplace, really. We're asking new questions as opposed to the same old answers."

The developer said that with Starship, his team is attempting to rise above the mentality of a "mass factory" and get back into creative work. Calling the company's business model "one of the first of its kind," Kenwright said that he got tired of working through the same channels.

"I saw the real world and realized that developers were fighting in the same backyard," Kenwright said. "The opportunity is incredible. It's great making games, but with everyone doing it in such a crowded market, you've got to kind of question. The projects that we've alluded to, there's some very exciting gamification."

Starship's focus is to develop not only games, but new channels to promote them. Kenwright couldn't comment directly on the company's current work, but promised more information at E3 2014.

"We're trying to produce the very first or the very best in every sector in lifestyle, self-help and entertainment," Kenwright said. " ... How can you define something that doesn't exist yet? We want to be there as if we come from outer space literally.

"We want to enjoy it and have fun. I genuinely think we could make a difference."

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