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Hogs playing games seek to dissuade your swinish yearnings

There are many ways to consider the pig's contribution to video games. For example, Zelda nemesis Ganon is descended from pigs. There exists a Peppa Pig game for Wii. Minecraft has pigs.

There are also various ways to consume pigs while playing games, as bacon sandwiches for example, or sliced into tiny little circles and crisped atop a piece of pizza.

Now, pigs have taken on a new role in gaming. The pig, it turns out, is hot to trotter with a joystick, and this fact has been picked up by an organization called Farm Sanctuary which advocates that, for the love of all that is holy, can't you people just stop eating these lovely creatures with their cute little tails and their wrinkled snouts?

Farm Sanctuary's new promo video points out that pigs play video games better than chimps and, although the charity confirms this has not been directly tested, better than three-year-old humans.

"When people learn that pigs are more cognitively and behaviorally sophisticated than dogs or human three-year-olds, they feel differently about eating them," said senior policy director Bruce Friedrich in an interview with Polygon. He said that tests and "the science of pigs playing video games" shows how smart these animals really are and that, if we feel weird about eating dogs and cats, we should feel even more squeamish about scoffing poor porky.

Pigs have been used before in gaming-related PSAs. In 2012, an iOS project called Playing With Pigs sought to teach humans about their farmyard plight.

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