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Ultra Street Fighter 4's Decapre is anything but Cammy

Decapre, one of the new fighters introduced in Ultra Street Fighter 4, has a fighting style that revolves around trickery, according to the game's community specialist and battle director Peter Rosas. She might resemble series stalwart Cammy, but she plays differently and has a different move-set.

Rosas recently demoed the character to Polygon, showing off how she plays and the ways in which she differs to the existing characters in the game. "Her fighting style revolves around trickery," Rosas said. "She has a lot of fast moves where she teleports behind her opponent, teleports across the screen and it's all fast-paced.

"If you were to watch this character as she teleports, you know where she could potentially end up, but it's all a guess at that point."

"If they go in thinking they're using Cammy, they're probably going to fail."

When players control Decapre, they can decide how far and where she teleports using one of the three punch buttons. Opponents will be able to see that Decapre is about to teleport, but there is no sure way of knowing exactly where she will end up. Skilled players will be able to anticipate where she will go, but for many, it will be a matter of reacting as quickly as possible once she has made her move.

"She's trick-heavy, so she can knock you down and then mix it up," Rosas said. "It's a back and forth, and it's a matter of whether the opponent can react in time. That's the strategy with her."

In addition to her teleportation tricks, Decapre is the first character in the series who can combo with her air-throws. With other characters, they can only throw a character from the air if both happen to jump into the air at the same time. With Decapre, she can begin attacking the opponent, throw them into the air using one move and, while the opponent is still airborne, jump up and throw them back to the ground.

"I think when people try that out for the first time and see that she can actually combo air throws, it will open up a new style of offense," Rosas said.

Rosas also showed off Decapre's Super and Ultra moves, the latter of which she can use as a shield. When players launch Decapre's Ultra, she summons a power orb that slowly gravitates toward the enemy. Players can try to jump over the orb, but it has such a large range that doing so could result in the player clipping their back against the orb.

Decapre can also walk into and through the orb, using it as a shield. During the demo, Rosas showed how Decapre could position herself behind the orb so if the opponent tried to jump over it, she could be poised to attack them and throw them back in its path.

"Decapre might be similar in looks to Cammy but, due to her play-style ... people will definitely have to approach using her differently to be effectively," he said. "If they go in thinking they're using Cammy, they're probably going to fail. And if they go in there expecting to fight Cammy, they're probably going to get beat up as well. She's definitely her own entity."

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