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Nosgoth is now on Steam Early Access

Square Enix's online mulitplayer action title Nosgoth is now available through Steam Early Access, according to a listing for the title.

According to the post, Nosgoth on Steam Early Access will be available alongside the game's closed beta — which launched on Feb. 27 — and accessible until the launch of the open beta. Once in open beta, the game will be found in Steam's free-to-play section.

"It is our recommendation that if you aren't sure about the experience you'll get in closed beta, you should wait for open beta and play Nosgoth for free," Square Enix notes in the post.

Currently, players have the option to purchase Founders' packs from the Nosgoth website, bundles featuring bonus items and boosts to use in-game. These packs will no longer be available once Nosgoth launches in open beta, although those who have already purchased the items will still have access to them. For the next seven days, all five tiers of bundles are available at 10 percent off.

Nosgoth, revealed last fall, is a free-to-play title set in the universe of Legacy of Kain, a series of action adventure fantasy titles developed by Silicon Knights and then Crystal Dynamics. The game focus on player-versus-player combat, allow players to wage war as a human or vampire. The title will launch in full at an unspecified date.

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