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Mercenary Kings - Overview video

Mercenary Kings is one of the most relentless games I’ve played in a long time.

That adjective accurately describes so many of the game's elements: Its unflinching difficulty, its buckets of gore, its gun-remixing progression loop. What seems like a simple, Metal Slug-esque affair on the surface level is really anything but; a fact you will discover after a few minutes of farming grunts for the materials you need for that one shotgun barrel you've been eyeing. Of course, you should expected to get "farmed" yourself quite a few times in the process. Like ... by bullets. Because you're going to die a lot, I mean.

In today's Overview, Justin and I spend a little too much time chopping and screwing Mercenary Kings' customizable armaments, and then experience the game's brutality firsthand. Join us as we search in vain for a single mission objective for approximately one calendar year, sending us into a rage spiral from which we'll never escape.

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