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Escape Goat 2 - Overview video

Escape Goat 2 is a remarkably elegant game, which is not typically a trait that one would associate with goats.

Like all good puzzle-platformers, Escape Goat 2 doesn't waste your time making you solve the same puzzle over and over again. It introduces and moves away from mechanics with haste, giving you little instruction in the process — just enough for you to feel like the High Emperor of Smartland once you figure something out. Also, there's an adorable goat, and an adorable mouse, and sometimes they take adorable naps together. It's really firing on all cylinders.

In today's Overview, Justin and I put our collective 95 IQ points together to try and solve Escape Goat 2's puzzles. We hope you enjoy it, because many, many goats died to bring you this information.

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